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WeChat is China's leading social media and should be the first stone laid in any city, museum, attraction, shop, restaurant or hotel's China marketing strategy.

It is deviced and designed for mobile devices, with very limited use on desktops.

Without exaggeration it's importance in China today can be likened to that of Facebook in the West - multiplied by 3.

The vast majority of WeChat's more than 800 million active users are of course private Chinese, using private accounts.

Companies and organisations should establish a so-called 'official account'.

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  • Organizations and companies should apply for an official WeChat account.

  • Having an official account enables you to have a direct personal dialogue with your followers, to expose them to feeds and provide them with services and news. It can also allow for direct sales of products and services via WeChat.

  • By October 2015 the number of WeChat official accounts had reached 15 million

  • WeChat is available for both iPhone and Android devices. Upload from website or through apps.


  • The first step is to register an account with Tencent. This requires a Chinese business license, as well as the application being filed by a Chinese citizen residing in China.

  • Next the fixed content must be configured

  • Translation and adding of relevant content

  • Ensuring publications on a regular

Shanghai Jungle provides 360º degrees solutions handling absolutely everything concerning the WeChat registration and the subsequent configuration, updating, maintenance and promotion.

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WeChat differentiates itself from Facebook (and other Western social media) in several crucial ways

  • WeChat has become Chinese's main communication channel for all short messaging, voice messaging and also free calls (with or without video).

  • News pushed by official accounts are shown in the same 'primary feed' as a users private messages. In short: Every time a user checks a message from her boyfriend she will also directly see the information pushed by you.

  • Official WeChat accounts can contain 'fixed' content like what you have on your website. This makes it an ideal one-stop-shop for communicating with your customers and followers.

  • WeChat can also be used for sales, payment, and almost all other interaction with customers.

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