China’s social media is bursting with opportunities.


Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Wetransfer: All these and many more are completely blocked in China.

But make no mistake: Social media is bigger and more important in China than in any other country in the world.

Done right it will be your best marketing channel.

Consider how important Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are to your Online Marketing efforts. In China WeChat is all of those in one - and more.  

It Started in 2011 as an instant messaging app, and in less than 5 years has grown to  800 million active users – 70 million outside China 

Simply put it is by far the number 1 social platform in China and must at the core of any strategy to reaching potential Chinese customers.  

In the western world we like to measure number of active users, how many times they entered a certain platform per day etc. The only way to describe WeChat is that the Chinese live in it: Gaming, apps, instant messaging, money transfer, order a taxi, get discounts and deals, E-Commerce, pay bills and even paying in most shops: It’s all there.   

WeChat facts


  • WeChat is Chinese – released in 2011 by Tencent, most valuable company in China (August 2016).

  • WeChat has approximately 1 billion accounts.

  • More than 800 million active users – 70 million outside China.

  • It is one of the largest standalone messaging apps by monthly active users in the world.

  • WeChat is a combination of Twitter, Facebook, Messenger & LinkedIn - and much more.

  • WeChat is the fastest growing communication platform in China.

  • Companies, cities etc. can register a public account on WeChat - which enables them to push feeds and interact with subscribers and provide them with services and news.

  • By the end of 2015, the number of WeChat public accounts had surpassed 14 million.

  • Organizations and companies can apply for verified, official, public accounts. 

  • Apps for both iPhone and Android devices.


  • 76% of users transfer/spend more than 100 RMB per month on WeChat (often using Red Envelopes).

  • WeChat news has overtaken both news websites and TV combined.

  • 61% of WeChat users open WeChat more than 10 times per day.

  • 28% of users have more than 200 friends, that’s more than twice last year’s data.

  • More than 90% of users use WeChat every day.

  • 61.4% of users check ‘Moments' each time they open WeChat.

  • 67.5% of WeChat users are male .

  • 35.8% of WeChat Read users see increase in reading time; more than 25% of WeChat Sport users saw an increase in their physical activity.

  • The top reasons trigger sharing on WeChat are: value (usefulness), interest, and emotional value.

  • 62.2% of users use life-style features, the top ones are: mobile top-up, movie tickets purchases, paying for restaurants/tickets.

  • More than 25% of WeChat Official accounts are in the General News category; service industry make about 20% of all official accounts.

Social media in China


One word sums up where China’s FITs can and must be reached: Online.

While Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube etc. are blocked, China has its own, extremely popular and very vibrant social media platforms with much higher competition and even higher degree of innovation than its Western counterparts.

These can be separated into general social media and travel specific social media. 



By far the most important social app developed by Tencent in China. It enables direct dialogue between brand/city and followers with 650 million users (Sept. 2015), which is materialized by the subscription account. It is a great muti-functional platform with many ways, such as text, image, video, voice message to achieve the all-rounded interaction.


Sina WeiBo

Like the Chinese version of Twitter more or less. It is a platform of considerable significance where young people gather together to share information and discuss the social issues. It is an emerging and developing medium on the internet. Now it is a leading player among the chinese social media with 212 million active users (August 2015).


Youku is a leading video sharing website in China which functions just as Youtube. With thousands of video bloggers, Youku ensures the users access to acquire the latest happenings around China. Under the guidance of three "Quicks," quick play, quick release and quick research, Youku declared a 600 million daily views record in 2014.


Baidu Lvyou

Baidu is China's Google. The Baidu Lvyou ("Lvyou" stands for travel) is one of the branch product developed by Baidu. Baidu's travel forum (Lvyou) is the No.1 forum for posting and exchanging travel stories, tips etc. It has a comprehensive system of all the attractions. Content is generated by its users (P2P).


Mafengwo is an exceptional platform for self-service traveling which offers travel tips for more than 60,000 destinations around the world. Aiming at providing trustful travel information, Mafengwo works on helping self-service travelers to plan a perfect journey. Up to 2015, it has attracted over 100 million users, among whom 80 million are monthly active users.



Qyer.Com was founded In 2004 and currently reaches about 40,000 destinations overseas. It provides various travel-related services including air ticket booking, hotel reservation and visa arrangements.The site currently has about 10 million users, with users on mobile numbering about 5 million. Qyer products currently are Qyer App, Qyer Pocket, Original, Schedule Assistant, Qyer Discount and Qyer Laboratory.

The new Chinese tourist is no different from the rest of us:
They crave authenticity and a great travel experience - and they are willing to pay for it, but not too much.
Our mission is to help them travel beyond expectations.