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24-26 APRIL

Our management team will be in Austria from 24-26 April to conduct meetings with new clients.

- 24 April: Salzburg
- 25-26 April: Wien

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Shanghai Jungle is a China-based agency specialising in marketing solutions to China’s new wave of FIT’s: Free independent tourists.

Already more than 150 million Chinese travel abroad. And importantly: They are rapidly changing from group tourism to independent and semi-independent travel.

Whether you are a city, museum, attraction, shop, hotel or restaurant - we can help you capture this market.

Our staff are Chinese and Westerners, and our solutions tried and tested to deliver great results.

Our solutions for you

Traveling to Europe


All over the world countries and cities are competing for the attention and business of Chinese tourists. See how we can help you become their city of choice.



The new Chinese tourists are keen to explore the culture and history of the places they visit. We help our clients get  visibility and create great visitor experiences.



Want to attract the new and independent Chinese tourists to your shop? Read about our tested and affordable solutions.

Chinese in a hotel


The rapid change from Chinese group tourism to FIT has creates great opportunities for Western hotels. We help you get listed and seen on the Chinese booking platforms.



Contrary to common belief, Chinese are highly adventurous when it comes to food. But how do they find your restaurant?



We also provide high quality solutions for Chinese websites, WeChat solutions, social media marketing and design, print and translation in China.

City solutions

Competition to attract Chinese tourists is intense - and growing fiercer. Not only is China the world’s largest source of international tourists, they are also the highest spending tourists.

But with almost all cities in the world trying to get their share, the question is obviously how to be seen and stand out - and how to persuade them to make the decision to stay more days even before they have arrived.

Shanghai Jungle has developed a tried and tested China FIT marketing solutions to ensure that our clients are seen and stand out - and that Chinese tourists actually visit and stay longer.


Museum solutions

Modern Chinese are no different than the rest of us: Some love art, some are hooked on history and others love natural sciences - and so on.

But museums in China leave much to be wanted. This is good news for museums and attractions all over the world, who witness a surge in Chinese visitors indulging in their passions.

Shanghai Jungle has developed a set of high quality, easy-to-implement and cost efficient solutions for museums to attract Chinese tourists - and to give them a great visitor experience.


Shop solutions

Chinese tourists spend more on shopping than any other group of tourists. Until recently getting their business was simply a question of paying their guide the best commission. A simple but expensive way to get them to your shop.

But the shift to independent tourism means shops needs to find a new way to attract the tourists.

The bad news: It is more complicated. The good news: With the right marketing any shop can now get a share of the Chinese business - and avoid paying any commissions.

Chinese in a hotel

Hotel solutions

For Western hotels getting their share of the emerging Chinese FIT tourism means adapting the sales and marketing beyond Chinese travel agents to direct sales to the tourists.

In principle this is straightforward: Just like Westerners use and
so Chinese use their own booking websites:,,
- to name but a few.

Read more about our solutions for getting get listed on the Chinese booking sites.


Restaurant solutions

Few people love food more than the Chinese. And Chinese are curious!

Forget the myth that they only want to eat Chinese: It is the result of past decades group tourism targeted towards the lowest common denominator. 

The modern Chinese FIT tourist eats roughly 1/2 of all meals at local restaurants - with the explicit purpose of trying local dishes and cuisine.

Chinese restaurant

Other solutions

Chinese website. WeChat marketing. Weibo and Chinese blogs. Online 'Key Opinion Leaders'. SEO and SEM. Design, print and translation solutions of high quality.

While our particular area of expertise is solutions for China's outbound tourism market, we serve more than 100 regular clients not in the tourism industry with a wide range of solutions.

The only thing we absolutely never do is consultancy.

If you need something done in China drop us a line - and if we cannot help you ourselves we just might know someone who can.

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Our services

Shanghai Jungle offers a complete set of marketing services focused solely on the Chinese tourism market.

Translations into Chinese

Chinese websites including programming, obtaining license, hosting and ongoing updates

Listing on Chinese social media and ongoing posting of new articles

Listing on Chinese travel and community websites

Brochures, flyers, magazines and other print materials

Travel fair attendance

Print distribution within China

Optimization of Chinese websites for internet search engines (SEO)

Corrections of current materials in Chinese

KOL partnerships

Partnerships with travel agencies


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The new Chinese tourist is no different from the rest of us:
They crave authenticity and a great travel experience - and they are willing to pay for it, but not too much.
Our mission is to help them travel beyond expectations.