Optimize your visibility on Baidu.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) have become cornerstones in most companies’ online marketing activities. 

In China, successful SEO and SEM is complicated by 2 main challenges

  • First, for SEO, market leader Baidu has more than 80% market share, with Google having an ineglible market share. But most Western websites are not found by Baidu, which essentially trawls websites hosted in China before looking outside The Great Firewall. 

  • Second, for SEM, placing adds on Baidu requires a company to have an official account with Baidu, something which is only possible for legal entities in China. In other words: Unless you establish a legal entity in China you will need a local partner to handle any required SEM.

We can assist you with both SEO and SEM solutions for China, handling all your needs and requirements.


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