Alexander Schultz

Alexander SCHULTZ

Alexander holds a masters of Economics from Copenhagen University and University of Economics in Prague.

From 1999 to 2011 he was a career diplomat with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, from 2007 to 2011 as senior commercial counsellor at the Danish Embassy in Beijing.

In 2011 he left diplomacy, moved to Shanghai and started Shanghai Jungle. Besides his wife and kids his passions are Liverpool FC, politics, American football and good literature.

Madison CHEN

Madison holds a master degree in Marketing, she was educated both in the United States and in China. She grew up in Shaanxi, in where she also became a big foodie.

Before joining Shanghai Jungle, she worked for Ogilvy PR in Shanghai. Now she is in charge of the Italian market. Her bachelor degree was Italian literature and she has a huge passion for Italy.

Her dream is to travel all around the world, especially exotic destinations. So where is her next? 

Liron Ben Arie
Peng He

Peng HE

Peng has a double degree in Tourism Management from South Central University for Nationalities and in English from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law. He grew up in Lijiang, Yunnan, and is from the ethnic Naxi minority.

Peng can be described as the company's box-to-box player and oversees all new website and WeChat projects and Chinese social media activities. A massive Rock fan, he likes all types of music: Metal, punk, britpop, indie rock, post rock, grunge etc.

He is also a shitty longboarder (more like a buttboarder) who likes to explore the world.


A Czech in Shanghai, Marek is a Management Engineering graduate from University of Economics in Prague.

He came to Shanghai because of his passion for China and because he loves Shanghai Jungle's business idea of truly introducing European countries to Chinese tourists.

Marek is the country manager for the Czech Republic and Slovakia and also our IT wizard.
In his free time he claims to study Chinese very, very hard….

Marek Matura
Nicole Bokranz


Nicole is our German team member with Polish roots. She holds her Bachelor degree in Media management and Marketing. At Shanghai Jungle she is responsible for the German speaking market.

She likes to step out of her comfort zone and to look for new adventures – that’s why she came to Shanghai. Since 2016, she is filling up her body with Chinese pancakes, (more or less) spicy soups and dumplings.

Nicole spends her free time with her loved ones and listens to Latin music while studying Chinese characters.


Fairy is one of our valuable Chinese members. She studied Business English at the Wenzhou University. At Shanghai Jungle she is our All-rounder in charge of the Chinese Social Media and the Website projects.

Her hometown Zhenjiang is just about two hours away but she decided to live in Shanghai, the big and international city. She enjoys the multicultural environment and the special architecture in her chosen home city.

Fairy’s dream is to explore Japans’ landscapes, cities and the food - that’s why she started to study Japanese. 



Allie PENG

A smart girl who is fond of doing silly things, these are Allie’s own words. After graduating at the East China University of Science and Technology, Allie decided to go to the UK and explore new life. Travelling and learning are her main hobbies - ‘work hard and play hard’ is her motto. What she believes is: Always on the way, always with the head up and always happy!

After her farewell to the campus life she went to Carrefour in China, where she learnt the charms of data analysis. Coming to Shanghai Jungle is the latest step on her journey and what’s more: it was a 100% right decision.



Fanny is our Swedish staff member and contributes with direct, firsthand knowledge of Swedish culture and customs as well as in-depth knowledge of Stockholm.
For examples of the value she will bring to the Stockholm team please refer to the articles under the ‘inspiration proposal’.

She’s a doer and an adventurer who is takes on any assignment with a smile and energy. Fanny has lived in China since August 2017 and is fluent in Swedish and English.

The new Chinese tourist is no different from the rest of us:
They crave authenticity and a great travel experience - and they are willing to pay for it, but not too much.
Our mission is to help them travel beyond expectations.