Alexander Schultz

Alexander SCHULTZ

Alexander holds a masters of Economics from Copenhagen University and University of Economics in Prague.

From 1999 to 2011 he was a career diplomat with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, from 2007 to 2011 as senior commercial counsellor at the Danish Embassy in Beijing.

In 2011 he left diplomacy, moved to Shanghai and started Shanghai Jungle. Besides his wife and kids his passions are Liverpool FC, politics, American football and good literature.

CHEN Madison

Madison holds a master degree in Marketing,she was educated both in the United States and in China. She grew up in Shaanxi, in where she also became a big foodie.

Before joining Shanghai Jungle, she worked for Ogilvy PR in Shanghai. Now she is charge of Italy market. Her bachelor degree was Italian literature and she has a huge passion for Italy.

Her dream is to travel all around the world, especially exotic destinations. So where is her next? 

Liron Ben Arie
Peng He

HE Peng

Peng has a double degree in Tourism Management from South Central University for Nationalities and in English from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law. He grew up in Lijiang, Yunnan, and is from the ethnic Naxi minority.

Peng can best be described as the company's box-to-box player and oversees all new website and WeChat projects and Chinese social media activities. A massive Rock fan, he likes all types of music: Metal, punk, britpop, indie rock, post rock, grunge etc.

He is also a shitty longboarder (more like a buttboarder) who likes to explore the world.


A Czech in Shanghai, Marek is a Management Engineering graduate from University of Economics in Prague.

He came to Shanghai because of his passion for China and because he loves Shanghai Jungle's business idea of truly introducing European countries to Chinese tourists.

Marek is the country manager for the Czech Republic and Slovakia and also our IT wizard.
In his free time he claims to study Chinese very, very hard….

Marek Matura


Hungarian living in Shanghai. Fanni has a Bachelor degree in Internation Administration and currently she is a Master’s degree student.

She came to China because of her passion for China and Chinese language. She has been living in different cities in China during the past 3 years. Fanni is a country manager for Hungary and also she is responsible for the overseas Chinese social media.

She has passion for traveling, searching, researching, learning new things and acquiring immense knowledge. 道山学海。- Dào shān xué hǎi. - Learning is as high as the mountains and as wide as the seas.  

Rukiye GURCU

Rukiye is Dutch with a Turkish background. Her academic background is International Business and Management studies with the major Asian Business studies. That and her passion for China is what brought her to Shanghai Jungle, where she is responsible for the Dutch market as well as our research project known only as "Project 1" (so it must be important, right?!).

Her current passion is to explore China, Chinese culture and Chinese food - and she's also trying hard to learn Chinese. Besides her work and language studies she's busy seeing as much as possible of China, meeting new people and having fun.



Vojta is our second Czech team member and holds a bachelor degree in International Area studies from Prague. His main responsibility at Shanghai Jungle is to manage sales and solutions to our Czech clients.

Having lived two years in China both his understanding of China and of the Chinese language is fairly good - to the extent foreigners can ever really understand it!

In his free time Vojta is a passionate music lover and saxophone player, and often found in some of Shanghai’s music clubs or enjoying Chinese food in a local restaurant.

Caroline BADER

Caroline is Swedish and has a background studying Economics and IT in Borås. At Shanghai Jungle she is responsible for the Swedish market as well as online project development.

What brought her to China was her passion for traveling and experiencing different cultures. Having lived almost a year in a remote suburb to Jinan, Shandong, its fair to say that since she still loves China it must be true love!

When she's not busy working, studying or travelling her passions are sports and e-sport, especially handball and Dota2.


Philine Mayr

Philine is German and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Social Works Hannover as well as studies in Business Administration. She's mainly responsible for our German clients and market development but also closely involved in our general social media marketing.
Her biggest passion is travelling, which has so far taken her across most of Europe and Southeast Asia. One day she will make her dream come true: Exploring the world with her red old-timer VW-bus. 


Oren was born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel. During his College studies, Oren attended a delegation to Chengdu, China. As a result of this great experience, Oren decided to keep exploring china, applied for International Business’ Master studies in Shanghai.

Oren is living in China since 2015, after graduating Oren ran as a freelancer brand consultant for both online and offline enterprises in Shanghai and aboard.


CHI Rose

Rose graduated from SEGi University, Malaysia with a major in International Tourism and Hospitality Management.

She has been working and living in different tropical countries during the past 8 years and now here she is, relocated to this amazing city, meeting interesting cool people and having new adventures around the world.

“To experience at least once and understand each situation and scenario as my own, so when I talk to you I’ll feel you instead of hearing the words” well explained why she loves to travel.

The new Chinese tourist is no different from the rest of us:
They crave authenticity and a great travel experience - and they are willing to pay for it, but not too much.
Our mission is to help them travel beyond expectations.