If you want to know how the tiger hunts
- don’t go to the zoo - go to the Jungle.


Shanghai Jungle is a fully China-focused marketing agency. The agency was established in 2012, is based in Shanghai and is Danish owned.

Our staff is a mix of Chinese and Westerners from such diverse places as Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Israel and Denmark.

During the past 4 years we have built a solid portfolio of more than 100 regular clients including government organizations and municipalities, museums and attractions, hotels and restaurants - and companies in both B2B and B2C.

We see our strength as our ability to deliver high quality marketing solutions for China at very reasonable cost. We can do this due to our strong mix of Chinese (who truly understands China) and Westerners (who truly understands our customers).

Shanghai Jungle


During the past 4 years we have gradually developed our expertise in the tourism and travel industry and our understanding of the Chinese FITs (free independent tourists).

It's fair to say that our passion for the Chinese outbound tourism industry isn't driven by the amazing growth and incredible opportunities. What drives us is the desire to help truly open the world to Chinese travelers. Much too often they have gotten the short end of the stick: Lousy tour groups and superficial travel experiences.

It is our mission to make the Chinese cherished tourists who truly experience the world they travel - beyond expectation.


We use the Nine Squares model for busines development developed by Ole Bentzen. The model stresses the importance of carefully defining the vision, setting realistic targets, daily use of pregame to develop solutions and set targets, measuring performance, strong and open communication both internally and externally - and last but not least building a team with the same commitment as if it was family.

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Shanghai Jungle


"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Chance favors the prepared mind” - Louis Pasteur

"Love to play – and play to win” - Ourselves 

"If you never hit on the hot babes you will never get one” - Christian Brüel

"If everything seems under control you're not going fast enough” - Mario Andretti


We always do for a customer what we would also do if the brand was our own.

We only work with clients where we can truly add value.

We invest ourselves in our clients' success and aim for long-term relationships.

We believe entrepreneurial spirit is a prerequisite for success in China.

Honesty is the foundation for everything else.

Welcome to our office


Our offices are located in Shanghai's central Zhongshan Park district. 

At Shanghai Jungle we are highly sceptical of the consulting concept and don't provide consulting services. People who will charge money for telling you how to do it in China, but won’t themselves assist you in doing so simply shouldn’t be trusted.

But we do like to be friendly and try to help newcomers get a foothold on the market. 

So, if you’re interested in a talk about the market or how we can help you do drop by for a fresh-brewed cup of coffee or an ice-cold Coke Zero.

The new Chinese tourist is no different from the rest of us:
They crave authenticity and a great travel experience - and they are willing to pay for it, but not too much.
Our mission is to help them travel beyond expectations.